About Me

970112_921509500496_1637212002_nFor the past 10 years I’ve been a lifestyle writer and editor for several start-up websites, including my own.

I’ve really enjoyed the chance to interview so many talented individuals about their passions, as well as the opportunities to launch several sites from the ground up. I found I’m good at both connecting with people and combining big picture and day-to-day details to make projects happen.

I’m interested in opportunities to use my communication and content strategy skills in ways that will have an impact on the world.

My previous work experience includes launching Destination42.com, a travel site focused on destination weddings and honeymoons, working at Total Beauty Media as a senior editor, at Goldstar Events and SavvyMiss.com as an editor, and consulting with brands like DIYPRCourse.com on their sales copy.

While at Total Beauty I helped run the re-launch of BeautyRiot.com, developing entirely new copy and creating a new vision for the brand. I also ran our annual Beauty Awards program as well as worked with our sales and marketing teams on sponsored campaigns.

At Goldstar, I’ve expanded B2B communications to include email series, webinars, blog posts and more. I’ve also worked on B2C promotions and developing the brand’s voice across communications.

For more information, check out the “official” resume.

When I’m not crafting copy, I’m exploring Portland, Ore. with my husband James, my son Finn and my two rescue pups Maggie and Nellie, or traveling the world in search of good food, fun people and the best craft breweries around.